Contractor Management
Streamline how your contractors get on site without losing sight of your compliance

Contractor Management Software A smart and simple way to manage your contractors on site

Keeping on top of a busy site is a challenge.

Contractor Management by Work Wallet, the health and safety software platform, can do the heavy lifting for you. Work Wallet is a flexible digital tool that makes sure site managers, operatives and senior staff have easy access to all the information they need.

Award-winning technology, for all industries.

Site Diary Real-Time Records Icon

Detailed real-time records

Go paperless and help reduce your carbon footprint by digitalising your static site record book with easy-to-use tools.

Mobile-first technology enables instant recording of key actions, decisions and occurrences while on the move.

Site Diary Accurate Insights Icon

Rich and accurate insights

Easily maintain a complete and accurate overall picture of site activity.

Input varied multi-media content to generate an active current record, improving day-to-day site management and progress reviews.

Site Diary Progress Tracking Icon

Simple remote progress tracking

See key site updates at the touch of button to monitor progress and actions.

Site managers and senior managers can easily access up-to-the minute information about site activity, for improved oversight.

Dynamic records using multi-media data capture

Record any information you need.

Choose how you capture it using text, images and automated feeds from other Work Wallet modules.


Who's on site - Contractors


Clock In/Out




Accident reporting


Safety Briefing


Permit to Work


Fire register


Instant Compliance

Big benefits of digital site records

Contractor Management by Work Wallet are flexible digital tools that makes sure site managers, operatives and senior staff have easy access to all the information they need.


Contractor self service

Simple interfaces make it easy to submit and upload documents.


Management time savings

No more physical site inductions, permit to work, safety briefings and automatic fire register


Accurate current records

A one-stop overview of activity over time, such as contractor visits, deliveries, incidents, and key decisions.


Simple tracking

Maintain complete and accessible records as evidence for investigations, insurance claims, incident assessments, and quality assurance.


Evidence of compliance

Simple interfaces make it easy to upload, store and find key information.


Site Barrier Integration

Can be integrated Biosite Barrier controls


Senior manager oversight

Regional managers and construction directors can easily see progress and issues on the multiple sites they oversee.

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Award-winning contractor management health and safety software

WINNER: Best Construction Health and Safety Software - BUILD Awards

Contractor Manager is part of Work Wallet's market-leading, health and safety management software. Used internationally by recognised by industry companies Health and Safety Management Software for the construction industry.

Manage safety your way

Contractor manager operates as a standalone site record tool, delivering first-class site management capabilities.

It automatically integrates with other features of the wider Work Wallet health and safety software system, instantly cross-referencing and recording your health and safety data with your site activity updates.

Together, Work Wallet's features offer unrivalled reporting and oversight of your entire Health and safety and site management processes, integrating with your Contractor Manager.

Get onboarding your Site Contractors

Join the thousands of other users today who are already using the app.

Help keep yourself and others safe and compliant at work.

Contractor Manager

Terms and conditions

Work Wallet's Contractor manager is available to all businesses working in construction, manufacturing, event and leisure sectors.
There are bands of how many contractors you think you will have on per month pick those and off you go.

To gain the full benefit of using and integrating Work Wallet's other features, such as accident reporting or inspections, subscriptions must be purchased for each module, accessible for a small per-user fee and charged monthly. Users can be easily registered or changed as your workforce does.